Importance of Cleaning Air Conditioner Filters

Importance of Cleaning  Air Conditioner Filters

If you want your air conditioner to run efficiently and smoothly for a long time, it is important to ensure the proper maintenance of the air conditioning system. The most significant maintenance task is the cleaning and replacement of the air filters from time to time. The air that passes through the air conditioner contains pollutants like dust mites, debris, mold, and mildew. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean the filters, especially if anyone in the house has allergies. Following are some of the reasons for cleaning air conditioning filters.

Improves the Air Flow – How to Clean AC Filter

Cleaning the air conditioning filter is very important for air conditioner efficiency. The filter of an AC can become clogged with the air’s contaminants and reduce the airflow. It is very important to know that how to clean AC filter.

To improve the airflow of your air conditioner, it is essential to clean the filters regularly. Take the filter out and clean them from the debris but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the air filters during the cleaning process.

how to clean ac filter

Improves The Quality of Air

The air quality of the house enhances when you maintain a filter adequately. The dirty aircon filters cannot remove the contaminants from the air and spread viruses and bacteria in the air.

If you see layers of dust around the house even after vacuuming, it might indicate that the air conditioning filters are clogged.

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Reduce the Energy cost

If you notice a significant increase in the cost of energy bills, this means that the air conditioner is working hard to make your home cool in the hot weather. It is an indication that the filters are clogged, and reducing the airflow.

After proper cleaning of the filters, you will observe a noticeable change in your AC’s performance and a difference in the cost of energy bills.

How Often Should the AC Filters Be Changed?

If the air conditioner is being used daily, it is essential to clean the filters after every 30 days.

It also depends on the dust particles in the air, as if you live in an area where the traffic is heavy, or your home is near a construction site, you must check your AC filter after fifteen days.

You should keenly observe for holes, tears, or wrinkles in the filters as they indicate that it’s time to replace them.

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How to Clean AC Filter of Wall Mounted Split System

Cleaning the air conditioning filter is not difficult; you can perform it yourself by following the steps given below.


First, make the precautionary measures and place a garbage bag or aircon bag under the ac so that the dust and drip don’t fall on the floor


Secondly, Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker of your AC


Open the front panel of AC and lift it upward


Remove the clogged filter by pulling them up and dragging them out

step 4 of cleaning


Further, Check for the damages in the filters, and if you find any damage, you should replace them

If the air filters are not damaged, then clean them with soap and water and let them dry

step 5 ac filter cleaning


The coils of the AC behind the filters also become dirty and need cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner and clean the dirt on the coils. You can also use the brush if the dirt particles are clogged.

how to clean ac step 6


Moreover, If you have an antifungal spray, you can spray it to avoid fungal growth and spray water then clean the coil.

step 7 cleaning

step 7 cleaning with liquid


Also, If the air filters are dry, put them back in the AC

how to clean ac filter step 8


Close the front panel of your AC and turn on the circuit breaker.

Turn on the Ac to check if it is working properly.

By following these steps of how to clean the AC filter, you can easily clean the aircon filters. If you want to clean filters deeply, you can soak the filters in water consisting of one part water and one part vinegar. In case of any query, you can also contact experts who provide air conditioning services.



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