Split air conditioner for garage

The best split air conditioner for a garage is a split system. It consists of two modules: indoor and outdoor. They are connected by interconnecting wires and two refrigeration copper pipes. A high-pressure substance called a refrigerant moves through them. The indoor unit also has a plastic drain that releases condensed moisture outside.

The operation of the indoor unit is almost silent. The noise level of most modern air conditioning devices does not exceed 28-31 dB, which is considered harmless to the human ears.

How to choose a place for the air conditioner?

Please note the following requirements:

  • the distance to the ceiling should be at least 10 cm and a maximum of 30 cm;
  • to the sidewall – minimum is about 10cm;
  • the aircon for a garage should not be located near the light or any heating equipment, otherwise, the temperature sensor will not work correctly
  • the air conditioner should not be located near any combustible materials such as fueler oil  cans

As for the outdoor unit, the best space for it would be under the eaves, where it is protected from adverse weather conditions.

How to ensure long and uninterrupted operation of the air conditioner in the garage?

  • wet cleaning of the room should be done regularly;
  • do not cover the indoor unit, and do not put anything on it;
  • regularly invite a technician to clean the air filter and internal and external coils (our specialists will tell you how often you need to do this and will be happy to do this work).

There is good news for those who like saving money!

Even a cheap air conditioner for a garage allows you to fine-tune the heating or cooling temperature to within one degree. If your garage has high-quality thermal insulation, you can expect an acceptable electricity cost. In the split system, it is easy to set a timer and ac working schedule. Thus, the device will not process and use more electricity than is necessary. It is very energy efficient!

You might be wondering: is there any way to make this purchase even cheaper?

Yes, there is! If you are looking for the cheapest option of the split air conditioner for a garage in Sydney, pay attention to the back to back split aircon installation



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