VRV System For Office in Sydney

The first thing you need to understand is that the VRV architecture is significantly different from conventional multi-split systems. VRV systems use a common pipeline system with branches or refnets at the required nodes. This is considered a good air conditioner for an office in Sydney.

air conditioner for office in Sydney

Why this type of air conditioner for the office is important?

  • this significantly reduces the cost of installation (money save = money earn, isn’t it?),
  • this makes it possible to increase the number of indoor units over time without adding additional highways.
  • It makes it possible to install outdoor and indoor units more than 50 meters from each other

But these are not all the bonuses of a VRV system for the office. Check this out:

  • The length of inter-block pipes and communication wires can reach up to 160 meters.
  • The height difference can be up to 50 meters. (this allows you to install external blocks on the roof of the building or outside it).
  • Thanks to the use of inverter compressors. The cooling capacity of such systems can change smoothly, adapting to the change in thermal load.
  • All internal units of the VRV system are independent, they can be of different types and maintain an individual set temperature, and also they can be controlled by a central controller or building BMS system
  • Each indoor unit of the VRV system has an electronic temperature control valve also known as an electronic expansion valve (EEV) that regulates the volume of incoming refrigerant from the common pipeline, depending on the thermal load on this unit. Thanks to this, the VRV system maintains the set temperature more smoothly, without the differences inherent in conventional air conditioners in the past, which maintain the air temperature by periodically switching on and off.
  • The internal units of the VRV system can control both individually. And centrally using an individual controller for each unit and Itouch central controller integrated into BMS systems using BACnet interface.

Due to this, for the air conditioning of office buildings with different heat loads, and a large number of independent climatic zones, these devices are preferable.

Indoor air conditioners within the same VRV system can simultaneously work for cooling and heating. Such technical solutions can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the building and accordingly, reduce electricity consumption.

What’s the bottom line?

Creating a comfortable environment with effective multi-zone systems for all office workers, their clients and customers will undoubtedly have a positive impact on efficiency and productivity. It will also help to maintain good health, increase sales and profits.

If you are looking for a VRV or VRF system for your office in Sydney, you also need to know that we have a big choice of this aircon and we are ready to offer a model that fully meets your requirements and wishes.



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