VRF Systems

VRF air conditioning systems are a real work of art among air conditioning systems, both in terms of technology and their cooling capabilities, they are definitely worth their price.

VRF means “Variable refrigerant Flow”. This device was created to provide comfortable conditions in several rooms at once.


Outdoor Unit

Indoor Units

IR Remote control

Wired control panel

Centralized controller

Communication wiring

Communication wiring

Refrigerant piping

Refrigerant piping

RC Line

RC Line

Being a evolution of the traditional multi-split systems, VRF system has a lot in common with them:


Similar to multi-split systems, the VRF complex uses several internal units connected to a single or several external units.


This device also uses several types of indoor units: wall-mounted, channel-mounted, and cassette-mounted.


Unlike split systems, the internal and external units of this AC are connected not by individual channels, but by a single central pipeline, to which up to 30 internal units and up to 3 external units are connected.


This significantly speeds up the installation of equipment, and reduces the cost for replacing the old indoor or outdoor units in case of renovation or redevelopment of the house.

A comfortable operation of the aircon is provided by the low noise characteristics, as well as the convenient control settings. The user can select different climate modes for different rooms using the individual control panels for every indoor unit.

In this case, the power of the outdoor compressor unit depends on how many indoor units are turned on, and is regulated by the control system automatically.

In addition, the VRF cooling system can be controlled by a personal computer.

VRF systems are mainly used in large multi-storey buildings for various purposes:

  • administrative buildings;
  • public and medical institutions;
  • business centers;
  • hypermarkets, shopping centers;
  • fitness clubs;
  • hotels;
  • industrial and industrial premises;
  • large warehouses;
  • large country houses, penthouses, luxury multi-level apartments, etc.

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