VRV Systems

The VRV system is an air-conditioning that operates on huge areas: an entire floor of a building and even an entire multi-storey residential complex. Its architecture differs significantly from conventional multi-split thesystems. From 2 to 100 or more indoor units of various types can be connected to one VRV air conditioning system.

At the same time, unlike multi-split aircons, this ac uses a common pipeline system with branches in the necessary nodes, which significantly reduces the cost of installation and makes it possible to increase the number of internal blocks over time without adding additional main lines.

Therefore the conditioners can be located decentralized from the external units, which allows them to be installed even on the roof of the building or outside.


Outdoor Unit

Indoor Units

IR Remote control

Wired control panel

Centralized controller

Communication wiring

Communication wiring

Refrigerant piping

Refrigerant piping

RC Line

RC Line

In what cases should I consider the use of an VRV system?


If you are looking for an individual approach to the air conditioning of each room of your house, so the needs of every person living there would be taken into account.


A wide temperature range is needed. For facilities with high microclimate requirements or with high indoor activity.


When saving useful space matters. This is achieved because the internal units are compact, and the high length of the connecting communications allows you to place the external modules of the conditioning installation as far as possible.


If you want it to be financially profitable: Precise temperature control allows you to monitor all changes and adjust the device’s work in order to economically maintain the required parameters for each user.

As you can see, you can use VRV systems for homes, offices, hotels and many other types of buildings in Sydney. Give us a call, and we will calculate the precise price of the installation based on the characteristics of your building and cost of the maintaining service.

By the way, the name “VRV” is a registered trademark of Daikin, the abbreviation stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume”, reflecting in its name the very principle of operation of this air conditioning principle.

Currently, in addition to Daikin, such equipment is also produced by Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Fujitsu General and others. Their aircons come out under the abbreviation VRF – “Variable Refrigerant Flow”, which is essentially the same.



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