Home air conditioning installation

We have good news for you – your search has come to the end! We offer home air conditioning services in Sydney at the best terms and conditions! Here’s how it goes:

  • You give us a call or even text your enquire via online form or text us and tell us about the house where you would like to have an aircon and take some photos of your room and external wall.
  • We select the air conditioning unit that meets your needs.
  • We offer you our professional expertise together with the Home Depot AC installation service.
  • You enjoy the perfect temperature in every room of your house for a very affordable price.

Home air conditioning installation

Our home air conditioning services clients ask us:

Do I need to take into account the size of the house, the number of rooms, the materials from which every wall is made to choose an air conditioner?

If you want to install a ducted air conditioner for the entire building, then the number of rooms is important. The material from which the walls and ceiling are made and the type of glazing and wall insulation are important factors for determining the power of the aircon. Our home air conditioning installation service calculations depend on the amount of heat coming from the outside in hot weather, and heat loss on cold days.

Can I calculate the cooling capacity of the air conditioner and also install the split system by myself?

When selecting what home AC unit to install, an engineer’s consultation is required. Of course, there are certain calculation formulas, but this is not enough when selecting an air conditioner. Therefore, an engineer or refrigeration technician must inspect the premises in which the aircon will be installed. So that all nuances are taken into account, such as the area of the premises, the height of the ceilings and its insulation, the area, and type of window glazing, the orientation of the windows, the number of people living or spending time in the house, the presence of equipment that generates heat (computers, lights, kitchen equipment), if there is enough room in the attic, will the air conditioner be used only for cooling or also for heating of the house, and so on.

What is the installation price for home air conditioning services?

There are many factors that affect the home AC installation cost. We can distinguish three of the most significant:

  • the complexity of the installation,
  • the type of air conditioner, and its cooling power
  • seasonal factor. With strong growth in demand for our services during the peak “season”, the price for our work may increase. Therefore, do not delay the installation until the last moment.


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