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Split system prices based on provisions: Western Sydney and The Hills area, other areas may incur delivery fee, back to back installation only, up to 3m refrigerant piping, 2.5kw-3.5kw -power supply from existing power circuit max. 5m cable included. 5.0kw and above from main power board

Today, The Daikin Corporation has one of the most modern, scientific, and technical production capabilities in the world. Especially, Daikin split system. The company operates 13 factories worldwide, including 5  in Japan. The ACs production is also present in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Southeast Asia, US, and Australia. The production of equipment by this corporation has more than 3,500 models. Including Daikin split air conditioner, multi and supermulti Daikin split system. Also, Sky class air conditioners (pairing, with parallel connection), VRV, HRV, cabinet, central, special purpose air conditioners, chillers, and fan coils. The nomenclature is much more diverse than the equipment of similar classes of other well-known brands. Thus, a customer that prefers this brand, will always find the equipment suitable for their project. Daikin split air conditioner Cora is a very popular series among our customers in Sydney. This equipment characterizes as high energy efficiency and low noise levels while operating, which makes it an excellent offer at a relatively low price. This design of air conditioning devices emphasizes people's influence on current climate change. In addition to low energy consumption, with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a person in the room. The sensor helps to prevent cold drafts, and if the room is empty for more than 20 minutes, it switches to energy-saving mode. It is no coincidence that this technology is famous with the name “Intelligent Eye”.

What are the additional bonuses of a Daikin split system installation?

  • The airflow from the device will run along with the ceiling for a longer time, this ensures an even temperature distribution and rapid cooling of the room.
  • The temperature setting sensor allows you to set the step to half a degree. Each user can easily choose the ideal temperature conditions for themselves throughout the year.
  • Especially, deodorizing filter for air purification captures even the most microscopic particles of dust or pollen (which is especially important for people with allergies), stops bacteria, and removes unpleasant odors.


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