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Split system prices based on provisions: Western Sydney and The Hills area, other areas may incur delivery fee, back to back installation only, up to 3m refrigerant piping, 2.5kw-3.5kw -power supply from existing power circuit max. 5m cable included. 5.0kw and above from main power board

The climate control market includes a variety of equipment manufacturing in Japan. One of the best brands is Fujitsu. It is worth noting that the Fujitsu air conditioner itself is very young, but the brand's history goes back almost a hundred years and deserves to be known. The name of this company is a combination of two words: Fuji - the name of the sacred Japan mountain, and “tsuu” - meaning “achieving”. Such a name is not a guarantee of a great and bright future, but together with hard work and striving for development over the years this enterprise gains popularity far beyond the borders of Japan, and the equipment under this brand is in high demand and is respectful all over the world. Officially, the company traces its history back to 1936. In this year, Yaou Shouten founded a firm that later became known as the Fujitsu Group. Since its inception, the introduction of unique innovative technologies has been an integral part of its technology policy. They are the first who release the plasma panel (this piece of technology provides a great service to many people). The supercomputer of this brand provides the work of the Aerospace Agency of Japan.

Journey of Daikin

Since the 60s, one of the priority areas of development for the company has become Fujitsu air conditioner. The experience and developments of the firm allow it to quickly reach a leading position and today, their climate control equipment is represented in more than 110 countries around the world, including Australia. The installation of Fujitsu air conditioners in Sydney is a big part of our everyday work. The secret to Fujitsu's success lies in its constant commitment to innovation. This is reinforced by the numerous patents they hold. For example, the enterprise has more than 100 patents for the technology of automatic filter cleaning, first in 2003.

What will you obtain with a Fujitsu air conditioner installation?

  • people-friendly and environmental-friendly aircon;
  • easy installing of the split or multi-split systems;
  • A type of AC that will provide a comfortable climate in any room of your house;
  • high energy efficiency and energy-saving functions;
easy service and maintenance.


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