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Split system prices based on provisions: Western Sydney and The Hills area, other areas may incur delivery fee, back to back installation only, up to 3m refrigerant piping, 2.5kw-3.5kw -power supply from existing power circuit max. 5m cable included. 5.0kw and above from main power board

DAIKIN Corporation is one of the founders and most active manufacturers in the rapidly developing area of modern climate technology. Daikin air conditioners are rightfully world-class equipment. The history of the Corporation begins in 1924. Akira Yamada is the founder of Daikin Industries Ltd Japan. Paying great attention to the quality of products, on the basis of advanced technology, the company soon takes a leading position in the market of climate and refrigeration equipment. The corporation synthesizes freon for the first time in Japan and takes a prominent place in the world. Nowadays Only in Japan, the corporation has 6 factories and uses the latest technology. Daikin air conditioner installation is one most popular works done by technicians in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the US. And of course, Sydney is no exception. When assembling split systems, 100% output quality control introduces the operability of each unit of ac equipment checks. Mandatory 100% input control of all components eliminates the reduction in quality due to possible defects in the purchase of products. The interruptionless operation of the home aircon comes with at least 12 years.

Daikin Equipments and Moon

The corporation is constantly working towards improving not only Daikin air conditioners but the whole climate technology. Their development allows them to create and maintain life support systems in almost any environment. Therefore, their usage is in the production of equipment for space stations, in particular, for the project "Creating favorable conditions for human activity on the surface of the Moon'', this implementation takes place in Japan in 1993. since then the project uses the latest scientific and technical developments of the international program CELSS (Controlled Ecological Life Support System), which is aimed at creating and improving life support systems in extreme conditions. For example, Daikin air conditioning installation (or rather its more advanced counterpart) can be used:
  • in the conditions of the Far North,
  • at geographical stations in Antarctica,
  • at meteorological stations in the highlands,
  • in areas of environmental disaster,
  • at space orbital stations.
We say, If this company is able to make a comfortable environment on the moon, then its products will undoubtedly be able to create the perfect climate in your room!


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