Air conditioner for bedroom

When choosing an air conditioner for a bedroom in Sydney, you need to focus on the following characteristics:

Noise level.

A bedroom is a place where the equipment has particularly high requirements for noise while operating. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the quietest split system aircon for the bedroom. The lowest noise level is 19 dB during operation. On some models of the conditioning units, all sound signals and lighting can also be turned off.

A place for the cooling unit.

Even the most advanced climate system can become a source of constant discomfort for residents if it is placed incorrectly. If your bedroom is not too big, it is best to hang the air conditioner over your head, so that the airflow is directed to the legs that are covered. After all, we usually sleep under a blanket. If cold air goes on the head area of the bed, it increases the risk of colds and other health problems.

What to do if you can’t position the air conditioner so that the airflow does not fall on the top of the bed? In this case, it is better to use an aircon with a multidirectional airflow. These models distribute the airflow in 3 directions: to the right, to the left, and down. The lower flap closes automatically in certain modes (it can also be closed manually). This will minimize contact with directed cold air.

Night mode.

Do you want to bring your sleep as close to natural conditions as possible? Then buy a split air conditioner for your bedroom with a night mode feature. This aircon gradually lowers the room temperature by 2-3 °C during the night, exactly simulating the night cold. And an hour before “sunrise”, the air temperature goes up again and becomes comfortable for waking up and leaving the bed.

air conditioner for bedroom in Sydney

Most often, the bedroom is not the largest room in the house. If the area of your bedroom is also small, a small split system air conditioner for the bedroom in Sydney can be the best and sufficient choice.

What are the advantages of a mini-split system?

  • Small air conditioners can be used even in the smallest rooms with limited space. These models can be easily installed on a shelf, table or nightstand, or placed in a convenient corner on the floor.
  • Modern mini-air conditioners consume less electricity than ordinary aircon.
  • They are not expensive.

What are the disadvantages of a mini-split system?

  • High noise level is the main problem of most cheap air conditioners.
  • Floor-type models often lack convenient wheels that could facilitate the operation of the device.
  • The lack of power of the device, as a result of which the device does not cope with the task of cooling, but only raises the humidity in the bedroom and fosters the appearance of condensation on the walls.


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