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Split system prices based on provisions: Western Sydney and The Hills area, other areas may incur delivery fee, back to back installation only, up to 3m refrigerant piping, 2.5kw-3.5kw -power supply from existing power circuit max. 5m cable included. 5.0kw and above from main power board

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics (the word itself in Korean means "three stars"). Merges with Sanyo Electric in 1969. Now, it is one of the largest manufacturers of climate technology. The annual volume of Samsung air conditioners production is about 3 million units. In Sydney we offer the installation of various modifications of these devices at a relatively low price especially the Samsung split system. The traditional direction of the company is the development. Along with the widespread introduction of bio-composing household appliances. The "antibacterial formula" of Samsung air conditioning includes the pre-filtration of coarse air with an antibacterial treatment. Which detains large dust particles, a bio-deodorizing filter that destroys unpleasant odors. Also, a fine biofilter detains the smallest particles and microorganisms. In the Australian market, this enterprise occupies one of the leading positions in the supply of inexpensive, but high-quality Samsung split systems for wall, cassette type, multi-split systems, and window air conditioners.

These are the most popular types of climate control systems among our customers :

  • Split systems (also known as room or wall-mounted air conditioners). This system doesn't require ductwork, therefore they are relatively easy to work with for an installer. This kind of device has two units: a wall-mounted one that is taking place inside and an outdoor unit.
  • If you are looking for a Samsung air conditioner installation that will allow you to cool down or warm up each room with one system, then you need a ducted aircon of this brand. An additional bonus of this system is that it is almost invisible and will easily fit into any design of your home (just do not forget to invite our specialist to install it in advance before you start decorating the rooms or when you are still building your house). The main components of this AC are the indoor units, outdoor units, and controllers.
Every Samsung air conditioner is the best combination of modern materials, components, and advanced technologies. For example, the heat exchanger in every aircon is made of non-corrosive materials and subjected to antibacterial treatment, which prevents the formation of mold and bacteria during its runtime.


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