Ducted air

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* Terms and Conditions

  • Pitched roof, gyprock ceiling, low set single level house
  • Warranty based on the provision that air conditioner regularly served by a licensed technician
  • Zoning is not included
  • Price is subject to a site visit
Ducted air conditioners are a comprehensive solution to the climate issue in your home or office in Sydney. This is a complex system that will fit seamlessly into a smart home and will appeal to fans of “inconspicuous” gadgets. It is perfect for easy cooling and heating of the whole house with only one device. The best feature of this system is that they are placed in the roof space above the false ceiling, in an adjacent room, or on the technical floor. They are not visible and seamlessly integrate into any interior. The only element of the ac that will remain visible are the ventilation grilles. However, with a well-thought-out design, this will not be a problem. Moreover, A ducted air conditioner is ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms. It is worth noting that any electrical device makes a slight noise. Therefore, we pay special attention to searching the optimal place for the internal unit, where the noise from its performance would not create discomfort, for any person living or working in the building. The cost of installation is higher than installing a ductless Split System, but it easily cools your entire house. The more complex the architecture of the building - the more installation work. Often, to accommodate the air conditioning equipment, we have to:
  • cut out penetrations in the ceiling for return and supply grilles
  • occupy roof space to accommodate air conditioning equipment and ducts
  • use build-in cabinets or bulkheads
Therefore the best time to install this type of air conditioner is in the initial stage of building or interior renovation.


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