Installing Air Conditioner on the pitched roof.

Installing Air Conditioner on the pitched roof.

Any way you look at it, a new air conditioning system is a significant investment. When deciding what sort of system to place or where it should be installed, the cost of the various systems and implementations must also be considered. You might be wondering if installing an air conditioner on your roof would be more expensive than installing a typical split system with the condenser around.

There are many reasons why people choose to install an air conditioner installation on the roof. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Lack of Space
  • Boundary too close to the Building
  • Decked Backyard
  • Restricted Access etc.
  • The available area occupied by other services or equipment such as water heater or power board

All of the reasons mentioned above can contribute to your decision for air conditioner installation on your roof. If you are facing a lack of space. Then you might want to switch your air conditioner on the roof for extra space-saving. Similarly, if the boundary is being dangerously close to the building, that might also make you shift your air conditioner to the roof. Whatever the reason is, if you feel that this option is feasible for you, go for it.

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Air Conditioner Installation on Roof:

The installation process is fairly simple but needs caution. The Pipes from the air conditioner go through the eaves and then afterward in the attic go through the roof metal cladding or roof tiles. Seal the roof with dektite for metal roof and rapid flash dektite for roof tiles or terracotta roof tiles. Also, you can use a 50mm or 75mm piece of stormwater pipe for dektite and run your cables and pipes through a stormwater pipe which is easy to seal with roof silicone.


To mount the air conditioner, make use of the air conditioner roof brackets, which are fixed with cladding screws or roof screws. The bracket is adjustable and you can set up the necessary angle to catch level. You’ll need to perform little research if you choose to transfer your system towards the roof. You need to figure out what size system is best for you, seeing if your rooftop can support the extra weight, and ensure your rooftop will still shield you from both the elements when your system is completed.


Safety for Air Conditioner Installation:

In addition, the element of safety should never be ignored in this scenario. You need to be cautious and ensure the safety of others around you as well. To work on the roof, you need a safety harness and conduct work at height training cautiously. To lift the air conditioning unit on the roof, you need special lifting equipment such as a portable telescopic lifter or Genie hoist. The best and safest way would be to hire a relevant resource or reliable company to do the job. It is not an ordinary man’s job as it involves a lot of risk and hazards. One slip, and you can fall down from the roof, getting hurt. That is why we would always recommend you to hire a skilled resource for the job to ensure the elements of safety and security.

air conditioner roof installation safety pipework


This is not an easy job to do. It requires a lot of pre-work, research, caution, expense, and resources. This job can add cost to air conditioner installation, and you will have to spend a few extra bucks to get it done. The additional cost might be double the standard air conditioning installation cost, but it is a great alternative all together.

It comes with a lot of additional benefits, but if you are thinking about the expense, you need to be aware that it is definitely going to cost you some extra bucks. Another thing to keep in mind is that the installation process requires professional expertise.



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