Fujitsu 8.5kw Lifestyle ASTG30KMTC Split System Air Conditioner R32

Indoor model: ASTG30KMTC
Outdoor model: AOTG30KMTC
Energy rating Label
  • 5 years parts and labor warranty
  • Licensed and insured installation
  • ARC certified

In Australia, Fujitsu General is a prominent provider of air conditioning products. Fujitsu General aspires to deliver high-quality, dependable goods complemented by excellent customer service. Fujitsu 8.5kw Lifestyle ASTG30KMTC is a wall-mounted, energy-efficient device with cooling only and a reverse cycle. Also, a fashionable design integrates efficient features. Such as Human Sensor Control and Economy mode to provide users with flexibility and ultimate control over the comfort of their home.

The new ASTG18/22/24KMTC units in the series are 30mm* lower than the previous Fujitsu lifestyle units, the design is less noticeable and fits perfectly with the room’s décor.
The matte coating and fine edges provide a decent appearance that is appropriate for modern houses. Ask a question about this product

Features of Fujitsu 8.5kw Lifestyle ASTG30KMTC:

  • Human Sensor
  • Apple-Catechin filter
  • Long-Life Ion Deodorisation filter
  • 10C Heat Operation

Human Sensor

An innovative feature that senses human movement in order to provide maximum efficiency and temperature management. When in use, human sensor control reduces energy consumption by putting the unit into energy-saving mode after 20 minutes of no motion detection. It accomplishes this by adjusting the set temperature to reduce energy usage. When it detects any movement again, then the normal functionality will continue.

Apple-Catechin filter

Static electricity attracts fine dust, invisible mold spores, and dangerous bacteria to the filter.  Polyphenol component which extracts from apples helps to block and destroying those bacteria.

Long-Life Ion Deodorisation filter

The filter deodorizes by effectively dissolving absorbed odors by using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions that normally ultra-fine-particle ceramic produces.

10C Heat Operation

The room temperature may regulate to no lower than 10°C, preventing the room from being excessively freezing while not occupied.

Moreover, We understand that when you renovate your home, any expenses spare are always welcome. Therefore, we offer the conditioning system back-to-back. With this option, the external unit takes place outside, and the internal one is on the same wall, inside the room, so their arrangement is ”back to back”.

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Brand Name
Fujitsu Lifestyle Split System Air Conditioner
Product Name
Fujitsu 8.5kw Lifestyle ASTG30KMTC Split System Air Conditioner R32
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What is included:

  • Up to 3m refrigeration piping and interconnecting cables
  • Up to 5m electrical power supply for 2.5kw-4.6kw split system
  • Electrical power from the new power circuit for unit 5.0kW and above
  • Electrical isolator for outdoor unit
  • Western Sydney and The Hills area. Other areas may incur a delivery fee
  • 5 Years Parts and Labor warranty


Fujitsu lifestyle Specification

Online wall mount split system installation cost

Propery type:
Extra piping and interconnect cabling (over included 3m):
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Pipes cover -colorbond or plastic pipes cover/trunking (over included 2m):
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Indoor wall mount unit located on 2nd floor:
Oudoor condenser located on:
Existing split A/C to remove:
Total installation cost *, inc.gst
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