How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Brand?

So, you have already determined which type of air conditioning or AC you need.

The next most commonly asked question is what brand of air conditioning to choose, and what are the main differences between different brands.

There could be a significant spread in the price for aircon of the same type that is similar in power, yet produced by different brands.

1.The factors that influence price fluctuations are:

The most reliable air conditioners are believed to be assembled in Japan or countries like Malaysia or Thailand under the supervision of Japanese companies.

On the next level down are the AC’s produced in either South Korea or China, under the trademark of South Korean companies. Chinese brands that are widely famous in Asian markets belong here as well.

The third category includes less famous Chinese producers, along with AC’s under foreign trademarks (OEM), but assembled in the factories located in China.

Big air conditioning brands have a broad selection of air conditioning models and produce not only AC’s for home use but also various types of AC units for commercial buildings.

At the moment, Daikin air conditioning is considered to be the most reliable brand, followed by other famous brands such as Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

2. Options and Characteristics of the AC Unit

High-end AC models have minimal manufacturing defects and include a module for self-diagnosis, as well as a broad range of working temperatures and low noise levels.

Budget-friendly models usually either include a minimal self-diagnosis module or lack it completely. They might also produce higher levels of noise and vibrations, as compared to more expensive models.

You can find information about the noise levels produced by the AC unit in its technical characteristics.

3. The Efficiency of the AC and its Control Functions

When purchasing an AC, it is worth paying attention to its efficiency.

The most expensive models have high efficiency and low energy consumption.

To understand how efficient a particular model of AC is, you can review its technical characteristics to see its Energy Efficiency Rate (EER) for cooling and Coefficient of Performance (COP) for heating. These characteristics describe the ratio of cooling or heating provided by the AC unit over the amount of electrical energy required. Higher EER and COP values indicate higher AC efficiency and vice versa.

In addition, most expensive models include a broader variety of control functions, support Wi-Fi control, have scheduling capabilities, can monitor the level of contamination of the air filter, and have a self-cleaning function.

Considering the above-mentioned information you can now make the right choice based on your budget and your house technical requirements.



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